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Event Guidelines/Agreement

A suggested minimum goal of $1,500 is requested.Any use of the Center’s name must be approved by Joslin Diabetes Center prior to use by the event organizer. In addition, Joslin Diabetes Center Boston must be identified as the beneficiary of the event, not the sponsor. For example, organizers should not characterize an event as the “Joslin Diabetes Center Golf Tournament.” Instead it should be promoted as the “Golf Tournament to benefit Joslin Diabetes Center.” This rule applies to all invitation copy as well as advertising and promotional activities.Joslin Diabetes Center must approve in advance of printing or use all invitation copy, advertisements, or other activities related to the event.

Events must comply with all federal, state and local laws governing charitable fund-raising, gift reporting and special events.

The sponsoring organization must submit event proceeds to Joslin Diabetes Center within 30 days following the event. Proceeds should be mailed or delivered to:

Joslin Diabetes Center
Development Office
Community-Generated Events
One Joslin Place
Boston, MA 02215

Joslin Diabetes Center maintains fundraising costs at 15.8% of the total income and strongly encourages event coordinators to abide by the same standard.

Under no circumstance may an individual or group keep any portion of the proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the event.

The sponsoring organization must seek approval from Joslin Diabetes Center to repeat the event in each succeeding year.

Overview of the Legal Requirements for Raffles and Gaming Events in Massachusetts Massachusetts has strict regulations governing raffles and gaming events carried out for charitable purposes. To legally conduct any gambling activity or “game of chance” in Massachusetts, including raffles, bazaars, and “Las Vegas Night” events, an organization must obtain a permit from the clerk of the city or town in which the event will take place. Applications must be filed at least thirty days prior to the event, and are accepted only from organizations legally recognized as not-for-profit that have been actively functioning in the state for at least two years.

Permits are valid for one year from the date of issue, and require that the holder maintain accurate records and file a tax return with the state lottery commission within ten days after the event, and pay a tax of 5% of the gaming event gross proceeds.

Event organizers may obtain more information on the rules governing the conduct of raffles and other “games of chance” in Massachusetts by contacting:

Department of the Attorney General
Division of Public Charities
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-727-2200

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